Novolin GE 40 / 60 Penfill Cartridge

Novolin GE 40 / 60 Penfill Cartridge

Insulin Isophane Human Biosynthetic Insulin Injection

Product information

Novolin ge 40/60 PenFill Cartridges are cartridges for use with your reusable insulin pen. They are filled with a mixture of 40% Regular insulin and 60% NPH insulin isophane suspension. Both types of insulin are man-made and are similar to naturally occurring human insulin. They are used to help control blood sugar levels for the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

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Novolin ge 40/60 PenFill Cartridges are for use in a reusable insulin pen to help with the regulation of high blood sugar levels in patients who require insulin for the treatment of their diabetes. The fast-acting Regular insulin, along with the intermediate-acting NPH insulin, provides you with an entire day’s worth of insulin control for your blood sugar levels. Diabetes is brought about either because your pancreas is not making enough insulin, or because the cells in your body are not responding correctly to the insulin that is produced. Insulin itself is a hormone that is produced by the beta cells in your pancreas. It controls the sugar levels in your blood by regulating the breakdown of food, like sugars, fats and proteins, and it stimulates the absorption of sugars out of the blood and into fat, liver and musculoskeletal cells. Novolin ge 40/60 mix has a similar mode of action to naturally occurring insulin. Its onset and duration of action comes from the combination of the specific characteristics of both Regular insulin and NPH insulin. Regular insulin is a short-acting insulin that begins to work within 30 minutes, and it remains active for about 5 to 8 hours, while NPH insulin is an intermediate–acting insulin that starts to work after 90 minutes and peaks around 6 to 10 hours. The combination of these insulins can help you maintain your sugar levels for up to 24 hours.